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Friday, August 25, 2006

A Summer Cottage

We were invited to a delightful summer cottage a few weeks ago . We had a wonderful cook out with so much good food. Many salads, fruit, veggies and many yummy deserts. The cottage is located on Long Beach on Lake Erie in Ontario Canada. The Evens family are the proud owners of this little piece of heaven. It is a darling little cottage with so much charm. They have a wonderful patio on the back of the house where you can get a good book a glass of tea and relax all day. While you are relaxing you can enjoy all the beautiful flowers that add to the beauty. I like the cute little girl that will sit on the bench and welcome you with her smile and pretty flowers. We took a walk down on the beach where many people were soaking up the August sunrays. It is a wonderful summer place and we thank Al and Pat for inviting us to share their family reunion.

Tomorrow I will post a few of the beautiful sun set pictures I have taken in the last few weeks. Each evening I think I have the best pictures and the next night the sky will be another beautiful color and I get the camera again.

This weekend my granddaughter Lindsey came to spend a few days with gram, and she knows that I will have the camera in hand to get a few beach pictures of her. I do this once every two years and she is now eight years old and it is the time and this is the place. They are calling for rain so I will watch for the sunshine and get my model and the camera........Say cheese Lindsey.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Blog Oops

I am not sure what I did wrong but I now have no profile picture. I have not posted any thing for five days because I have no profile picture....NO PROFILE PICTURE...........
I am so mad because when I do something 50 times it should be there...Right.....Wrong......
My friend Linda has worked on the problem and she is good at what she does....No profile picture
I called Judy and she has a blog and a profile picture......Still no profile picture.........................
I am now going to start blogging with out the picture, because if I wait for the picture I may never post another blog again. Can you tell I am a little upset. I like most people like to do everything right I have one point against me all ready because I can not spell. That did not stop me because everyone can figure out what I am trying to say. So I will just take a deep breath and count to 10...1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.

Ok, thanks for the chance to vent a little. Now I have other concerns that I need help with. Are you ready
1. How to put the pictures, poems, clocks, and calendars on the sidebar of the blogs
I go to blogs and love everything that is so cute and for the life of me have no clue how to go about achieving the look that I so love, and you all are saying if she can not edit her post how will she ever figure this one out. I want you all to have a little more faith in me then I have in my self at this point.
If any one out there can help me..........Please do so.....................And thanks.................

Now I want to wish a Happy Birthday to Laurie at Rose Cottage..She is the big 40, stop by and say hi . If I ever needed that tall glass of ice tea, it is now and I may just add a little vauka to it. I am sure I did not spell that right .........oh well..................

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Daily Blessings/And Thank You

There are many things I am thankful for in this world we live in. I like many people take so much for granted. We do not think of the lights we turn on until the electricity goes out. We do not think about the water we drink until the pipe is broke and we have no water.

I like others, want to list the many everyday things that I am thankful for

1. I am very thankful that my good friends MJ and Ernie and there grandchildren are ok after the serious accident they were in while traveling in Canada.

2 Thankful that Tammy is felling just a little bit better every day and recovering from her hip surgery.

3 Thankful for the beautiful sunset this evening with colors of reds, pink and blue

4 Thankful for the sunflower blooming in my front yard

5 Thankful for the red cardinal in the tree, over my hammock where I laid reading a good book.

6 Always thankful for good health.

These are just a few of the blessings that God has given me on this day. I want to take one day a week to list the everyday wonders of all that I am grateful for. The things I do not think about until they are gone. The friends that you think will always be there, the flowers that line the garden walk, the beauty of that special sunset and all that the Lord has given me, the everyday little things that are my Daily Blessings.

I am also thankful for the friendships that we as bloggers have made. I am thankful for.........


Michelle.......LeeAnn........Barbara.....Alice.........Mrs.U........Siaja........Laurie......and So many others that stop by and say hi and visit me on ...............My Front Porch......... Thanks for receiving me as a new blogger a few months ago and allowing me to get to know all of you through the pictures and post that you publish on your blogs. It is a wonderful way to meet the people that we otherwise would not know.

To share pictures, recipes, hopes and dreams, to pray for family members, to share a problem or a success and to be there for each other has been a wonderful thing for me............So I am thankful for all of you...........

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What Is Normal..........

Another good weekend.....Had a good time at Charlies reunion this past week in New York. It was a three day weekend and we had time to visit with family and friends. Now we can get back to normal for the next few weeks. What is normal? Normal is watching the sunset over the lake...Normal is watching my sunflowers grow.....Normal is sitting on the beach.....Normal is a wonderful day at the lake with a good breeze and a tall glass of tea.

This picture of me is not normal..Linda took a picture of me on my birthday in a long vintage looking dress with a big hat and holding a bunch of daisys........not a normal everyday thing, but it was fun.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Way We Were

I had a wonderful birthday and class reunion last weekend. We started out by going to a Mud Hens game. The Mud Hens is a Toledo baseball team, with the stadium in downtown Toledo. And a gathering point for people to meet and watch a good game. ( They won the game in overtime))
After the game we went to The Docks, which is on the east side of Toledo ,we got together for some spirits and good food and of course we caught up on what has been happening in each others lives. It was so good to see friends that I have not seen for ten years and socialize just like we see each other every day One of my friends from the days from yesteryear had a picture that was taken in 1960 at my pajama party. Well, the three of us were also at the reunion weekend and on Saturday night we gathered together and tried to duplicate the picture for old times sake.

The picture is of Tonilee, Darla and myself. I am the short one on the right hand side. I guess I have not grown any taller in all these years. Darla went and got a cigarette for the picture to make it look like our high school days. I can not believe my Mom let everyone smoke but there we were with cigarette in hand. When we were teenagers we thought the cigarette made us look older and mature. Now we do not smoke because we want to look young and smart because we now know that long white thing that smokes is not good for us. Oh how the times have changed. On Sunday we gathered at Connie and Rogers home for a third day of memories. They have a beautiful home with a big yard and we again sat and talked about the day away.

A very good time was had by all that attended the three day weekend, and in five more years we will get together for what will be 50 years sense we graduated from old Waite High.... We will leave tomorrow morning for North Tonawanda N.Y. for Charlies 50th class reunion from N.T.H.S. . We will also visit with friends and family while we are there.

I have been trying to put pictures on this post for two days and for some reason the blogger picture frame is not working. I have to make me a tall glass of ice tea, then start packing for the next reunion weekend so untill next week and next post (with the pictures I could not seem to publish this time) farwell my friends and you all have a wonderful weekend. I know I will.............

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The day I was born......August 4th

I remember many many years ago I found a card to send to my mother on my birthday. It was a card to her, from me to thank her for giving me life. I have never again found a card like that, but I thought it was a beautiful card and I wish I still had it to share with you. But I have the memory's of all my birthdays that I got to spend with my mom. So on this day, the day I was born I thank my parents for the wonderful child hood memories I have of yesterday. I am reflecting a lot on years past, because of my birthday and my high school reunion being the same weekend. I feel like I am in my 30s in my mind but when I look in the mirror I see the mature women I am . I can celebrate this day with grace and happiness because I have lost friends my age or younger that never got to see there grandchildren run and play. I take this day to thank God for all the wonderful gifts of love I have received in my 64 years of life. I am thankful for Charlie, for my girls and grandchildren for my family and friends , for the sunsets at nigh and the sunrise the next morning, I try to celebrate life every day and count my blessings often, I try to take time to smell the flowers and enjoy all the little things in life, the everyday things that we all take for granted. I remember turning 30 and thinking I am getting old. I remember when I thought 50 was real old. I remember my 60th. Birthday party, celebrating it at the lake with family and friends. I remember when my mom use to talk about her Medicare card and thinking what is that? Well one year from now I will receive that birthday card, the one that helps pay for all the medical bills that seem to come in the mail much more often with age. On this day I celebrate all that I am and all that I can be. I take this day to ask the lord for many years yet to come, so I can watch my grandchildren grow and walk down the aisle of life. I ask for good health that I may stay strong and always have the wisdom to live life one day at a time, to not worry about yesterday for I can not change that, and to always look forward to tomorrow. On my 16th. Birthday I had what we then call them( a pajama party) with about fifteen girlfriends over for the night. On this my 64th birthday I will spend the evening with many of the same friends that were at that party. Yes I do have many memories on this day, the day I was born...............................The more you praise and celebrate life the more there is to celebrate....

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

My Front Porch

I have been looking for pictures of porches and I have found a few of them, so with each post you will find pictures of what I want my front porch to look like. Tammy's surgery was three weeks ago and she is improving well. She had 62 stables removed last week and she can now take a shower. She of course is very happy about that achievement. We went to Ace hardware and got her a nail apron to carry her necessities from one room to another while on crutches. If any one out there has any good ideas like the apron let me know. We are trying to make it as easy as possible for Tammy to return to some what of a normal life. I will be returning home this Tuesday after almost three weeks in Toledo. The sun, sand and waves are calling my name and my sunflowers are in bloom.
This coming weekend we will be attending my 45th. H.S. Class reunion and of course I have to loose 15 lbs and get a good tan in one week.. All of us ladies are the same when it comes to that dreaded return to what we use to be. I was a cheerleader and most of the girls will return to this reunion, can you picture a group of 63 year old cheerleaders with sagging pom-poms. I for sure will be posting pictures of the return to old Waite Hi. And pictures of then and now. The falling weekend will be Charlie's reunion in North Tonawanda N.Y. so I think we will be doing a
lot of reminiscing in the next few weeks. It is always fun to see all the people you grew up with and catch up with the what when and where of everyone. We have had a class reunion every 5 years and I only missed one of them. The one that was five years ago because it was in the winter and we could not make it back to Ohio for that one. So it has been 10 years and I am looking forward to a lot of catching up with all my best buds of yesterday. We had so much fun in school, and we grew up in a day when we as teenagers were not afraid to walk to each others homes. The streets were safe and as far as I know there were no gangs. I grew up in the day when if we had a cigarette or a sip of beer we were bad. I did not know about drugs, or care about them. I do wish that things could go back to the way we were for our grandchildren. They were for sure the happy Days of yesteryear. I have had time to read a few blogs and will get caught up when I get back to my front porch at the lake. And now time for that large glass of tea with a lot of ice, it is in the 90's here....................

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Friends Treasure

Tammy has been home from the hospital for a week today and her recovery is very slow. She is still on two pills every four hours. We have washed her hair, she did her nails and we are using all the good smellinjg lotions and sprayes and that can help any women to feel just a little bit better. Went to lunch and a friends house for an hour or two yesterday and it wore her out. She was under anasetic for seven hours and I do remember how much that takes out of you. It looks like a slow process but I can see some improvment each day.
I have old friends ( not in age but in years that I have known them. ) Margaret and Bob have been wintering in Florida and have decided to move there permanently. They are having a yard sale in two weeks and I got the chance to go through all there treasures before the big sale. Margaret and I have always had the same taste in decorating. It was fun to find things that her and I had shopped together for years ago. We would go to antique sales, flee markets and one place that I can remember was the Hen House which was an old barn filled with many goodfinds. I made a mistake years ago when we moved to Fl. and I got rid of many wonderful old things that I wish I had again. Like many people when they move to Florida I thought I wanted to decorate Floridian. Not me...... Well by going through all the boxes I again have found that my love for the old and vintage is and always will be ME. Above are just a few of the wonderful treasures I found, Had to take Tammy over for a early preview and she bought a chair, old fashioned desk a picture and a lamp which are pictured above. I would say that our little shopping spree was a real success for sure. Charlie and Winston came in to Toledo to visit us yesterday and we took them to lunch to. I cut the grass this morning and planted a few flowers. Charlie told me my sunflowers at the lake are in bloom and about five foot high. I have wanted a sunflower in my yard for ever. When planted Charlie was not sure if they would grow well and planted quite a few and I have many flowers in bloom that will just sit and follow the sun
It has been a few days since I have been on the computer so I think I will sit a while and read a few of my favorite blogs and do a little banking on this wonderful machine that I take along with me, but of coures I have to get my tall glass of ice tea. Till later.............Sharon Kay

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